About Us

LELOFTS is a Saudi Boutique based luxury Abaya, T-shirt and accessories brand for women and children. Founded in 2017 by LELOFTS group, we committed to their craft in pursuit of the most elegant Clothes— a union of their obsession with the most creative street style and the highest quality in the nation. Shaped by intention, art and pure passion, these handcrafted items are made by artisans in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Every style is made with the finest leathers, locks, hand painted edges and stitch applicate which takes 24 hours to construct. The boutique thrives through innovation, quality and scarcity, exuding products that amplify the ultimate form of style and self-expressionism. With designs rooted in nostalgia, LELOFTS takes cues from past experience juxtaposing an urban landscape. The brand’s mission remains the same, to change the way people engage high quality products, exposing fans to new styles and experiences